An Invitation to the
Jaguar Enthusiast

Our Club Philosophy

Wisconsin Jaguars Ltd. auto club was formed in 1979 to serve the needs of Jaguar enthusiasts through-out the state for the exchange of information and ideas, and to share the sheer joy of these wonderful cars.  In 1985 our club chose to affiliate with JCNA so members could compete in their regional and national level concours.

Since its formation, our club has grown to a current membership of more than 100 owners (families) with more than 200 Jaguars.  The Jaguars owned by our members have ranged from a 1937 SS1 Coupe to the current XJ, and from the famous 1937 SS-100 roadster through the XK-120, 140 and 150 series, all of the XKEs, to the current F-type.  Some rare models, such as a C-Type, D-Type, XK-SS, XJ220, and a XJR-12C are, currently, or have been  owned by our members.

We believe that our Jaguars should be enjoyed and driven.  Accordingly, we tailor our events not only to the owner who prefers to do his own maintenance, or wants to learn how; but also to anyone who wishes to just display or drive their Cat.  Come join in the fun!

Benefits of Membership 

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